Britain Braced For Bitter Cold Snap

A shot of winter weather is on the way with forecasters warning that temperatures are likely to drop over the weekend.

Snow is predicted in Scotland and sleet in other areas, including northern England.

The RAC says it is expecting more calls, while road gritting and snow clearance teams say they are ready to deal with any disruption the first bout of wintry weather may bring.

Temperatures are expected to plunge to little above freezing on Friday and Saturday as schools break up for the half-term holiday.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: "After the mild but murky weather of recent days, a big change is forecast over the next 24 hours with cold air plunging southwards.

"Motorists across Scotland will have wintry conditions to deal with through tonight and Friday.

"Ice and scattered sleet and snow showers may bring some travel disruption, especially across north-east Scotland.

"Snow is most likely to settle over hills. Some snow may settle further south, too, during Friday but only over higher ground exposed to the chill north wind such as the Cheviots, North Yorks Moors and Lincolnshire Wolds.

"Away from northeastern areas, Friday looks cold but on the sunny side. Top temperatures will be nearer 5C to 9C (45F).

"Rather than crisp, frosty, bright weather we are set for cloudier skies and some rain later on Saturday and during Sunday.

"It will still feel rather cold but temperatures are unlikely to be as low.

"As the rain spreads across the north west on Saturday it may be preceded by some hill snow.

"During Sunday expect temperatures of around 9C with rain at times."